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LA ENFANTS DU SILENCE de Mark MEDOFF Mise en scène de Anne-Marie ETIENNE


Jacques Leeds, a speech therapist at a school for the deaf, is convinced that the best way for deaf people to be integrated into society is by learning spoken language and obtains outstanding results from his students. He crosses the path of Sarah Norman, a former pupil of the



“Allez, venez Milord…”, “Non, rien de rien… », « Si un jour la vie t’arrache à moi… »: we all know Edith Piaf’s songs. A few bars, a few words are enough to bring the ritornello back to our minds. Her voice, her life, her repertoire: everything contributed to turning the small

Dolce Vita? From the Liberty to Italian Design (1900-1940)


In Italy in the early twentieth century the decorative arts were used to interpret the desire for progress of a nation that had only just found its unity. Cabinetmakers, ceramicists and glass-makers all worked together with the leading artists, creating a veritable “Italian style”. This period of extraordinary creativity