Once upon a time…Chapitre 2


Thus was born the Grand Hotel on the Left Bank. In 1906, the plan was to build a hotel on land bequeathed by the congregation of the “Soeurs Hospitalières,” as if to reincarnate the centuries-old tradition of hospitality in modern form. The building conformed to twentieth century standards and

Once upon a time…


The Discreet has decided to reveal the Hotel Lutetia’s history to its followers – “History” with a capital H! Throughout the year, we offer an opportunity to discover the different chapters of the hotel’s first 100 years, which have helped establish it as a major figure of the Left

The unusual Lutetia!


During the Hotel Lutetia’s last days of operation, and in the days that followed, Bruno Klein, Milena and Gilles Le Mao had the privilege of witnessing some unusual events at the great “liner” of the Left Bank. From the improbable boiler room to the safe deposit room, which was