It was in 2012 that passionate artist, Catherine de La Ferrière, created her jewelry brand under the name Gaby LF. Fascinated by the emblems and timelessness reflected in the medals she designs and manufactures, she has opened a new flagship store in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Quality at its best, the handmade

“La chambre aux confitures” : Seasonal jams & fruit preparations

chambre aux confitures

Fancy a raspberry jam? Do you prefer it: chilled with Champagne? Simply seedless? A floral version, with rose or violet? Hand in hand with passion fruit? At la Chambre aux Confitures, the raspberry comes in five different ways! La Chambre aux Confitures is somewhat of a family tradition. Lise



Few brands dare to venture into the world of luxury leather goods, for the level of excellence and know-how of this industry runs extremely high. Nevertheless, Verbreuil is a successful leatherworking brand owned by a family of enthusiasts of fine materials, art and design. In this house of “haute