The Art of Shapes

The 18th edition of the Parcours Saint-Germain honors “The Art of Shapes.” Shapes differentiate art from words, create images and suggest backgrounds.


The history of shapes is that of the artists who create them. In them lies the artists’ strength and their capacity to create. Free from words they are endowed with a hypersensitivity to all that surrounds them and take all the materials and objects that their environment offers to create what is not stated. There are many reasons for taking action: expressing or healing oneself, testifying, questioning; artists manage to bring out images and volumes of whose genesis they alone can master.


The emergence of new materials, from the most palpable to the most digital, gives rise to a constant appropriation of these materials by visual artists. The artist constructs, deconstructs and explores the potential of the matter, then shapes and deforms it to produce pieces that are shapeless and amazing. Now sovereign, the works become silent inventories of experiments while showing the obsessions and interior struggles of the artists. Abstract, figurative, polymorphous, hybrid, composite: here the forms are, in turn, judged and appreciated on their representation.

The artists have their own formal vocabulary. On one hand, our world is shaped naturally by existing forms, and on the other hand, it is shaped by the forms of the artists. The two repertoires mirror each other and are mutually inspired. The Parcours Saint-Germain is the perfect setting in which to reveal these connections. Through the windows, suspended in the shops and above the benches of the legendary cafés, visitors will soon see these works. Faced with the forms, visitors will agree on this moment of contemplation, their eyes focused on these never before seen forms, gradually allowing them the opportunity for profound introspection.